Game Art

Game Art Outsourcing Studio

GameYan is an Art Outsourcing Studio has creative and innovative concepts artist who can turn your visualization into Digital. If you are having concept ready then our creative team of designer for hire can develop them into appealing characters, assets, background, paintings and more.

Our digital and conceptual artist are very professional and highly trained designer to provide next generation design concept and ideas. Whether it is in form of sketches, painting, 2d, 3d, Zbrush or any other digital platform, we can provide the best visualization concept.

Game Design Companies

2D Art Outsourcing

GameYan’s 2D Art Work covers concept art, illustration (of characters, creatures, environments, backgrounds, vistas, story elements), asset design, flash animation and website/forum design. 2D art outsourcing can be done in the style that clients require, to suit their brands, be the style realistic, fantasy, sci-fi, cartoon, abstract or stylized.

2D 3D Concept Art Character Modeling
High And Low Poly Character Sculpting Services

3D Art Outsourcing

GameYan provides 3D art work outsourcing services only in game industry but in animation movie industry as well. We provide wide aspects of 3d digital assets (characters, weapons, creatures, conceptualized art, vehicles, 3d props in high and low poly with high resolution texturing, baking and normal maps.

Matte Painting

GameYan Matte Painting Design Studio provides great conceptual ideas and final Artwork Paintings for Game, Movie, Entertainment and Creative Industries. We focus on environment, creature and digital asset design for movie, film, and gaming and fit any pipeline - of any size.

Matte Painting - Art Outsourcing Studio
2D 3D Concept Art

Concept ART

Gameyan Concept Art Outsourcing studio provides mood boards, characters, environment, props and assests design with their professional illustrators artists who are experienced in working small to AAA video and mobile games and movie industry for years.


GameYan Illustration is specialized in creating innovative visual art and graphic concept. The creative artist team at GameYan develops illustrative content in digital, technical, graphical, hand-drawn, sketches required by our client. We do game illustration, Character creation for games, Background illustrations for games, Storyboard illustrations for games, Board game illustrations and Digital animation.

Illustration - 2D Art Outsourcing
3D Character Rigging Animation Studio

Animation Outsource

GameYan provides key frame animation services and spline animation and mo-cap data using motion builder for video games. Our experienced animators have the right mix of creative, technical and directional skills in video game animation.