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Characters Design

3D Modelling, Texturing, Rigging
and Simmulation for 3d animation
feature film Pequeños Héroes
(Little Heroes) - 2017
Our 3D Art Outsourcing studio develop 250+ 3d semi cartoonish character.

Release Date:
Bulgaria: 6 May 2017
Venezuela: 12 June 2017
Brazil: July 2017
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More than two hundred years ago, Arturo, Pilar and Tico, three brave children of different origins and histories, discover an amazing secret: the key to help Simon Bolivar defeat the enemy army. It's time to fight for freedom. The troops advance impetuously. A great friendship arises.

3D Male Character Modeling and Rigging,  London, UK


Whether it is game development, feature movie film or TVC, our team of artists can create appealing characters. We offer 3D modeling and texturing with high poly and low poly optimization based on platform and requirements.

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VFX Special Effect, Bristol, United Kingdom


GameYan - Our Art Outsourcing Studio consists of a highly professional team of 3D riggers and 3D animators who provide you with customized rigging and animation services for video game, mobile game, MMO, movie, TVC or VR interactive.

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3D Robot Character Modeling and Animation,Los Angeles, USA


GameYan - Our game art and development outsourcing unit not only develops exceptional art but also codes games for iPhone, Android, iPad, MMO, MMOPR Facebook, Desktop, Console and VR Interactive on platform Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4.

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Motion Capture Animation, New York, USA


GameYan - We provide motion capture outsourcing services as we are highly equipped with Motion Capture suits and Mocap Artists for Human and animal Character animation which reduce turnaround time then key frame animation.

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  • GameYan - 3D Animation Studio

    GameYan is a game and movie art design & development Animation Production House which creates next generation appealing 3D characters (Modeling, Texturing, Rigging - Character Design Companies) for video and mobile game development companies and 3d animation production studios.

    Being a digital art outsourcing production hub and Film Production Company, our studio production houses creative pro art designers, directors, contractors, managers, and supervisors who create exemplary 3D art content for movie and video games along with low optimized characters for mobile and virtual reality interactive games. Our professional team of artists can develop variety of 3D Assets for feature film-movie production house or game development studio.

    Though we have Indian game art outsourcing Studio and 3D animation studio, we offer cost effective solutions as compared to China art outsourcing companies and studio across the globe.

    Also as 3D content development studio, we widely cover all type of 3D characters, assets, props, animation, MoCap, visual effects for feature film-movie production, TVC – TV Commercial, video Games, mobile Game, Interactive Games, MMO, MMOPR - Massively multiplayer online game, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

    Game Art Outsourcing

    GameYan is a Game Art Outsourcing company which is having expert and experienced 3d and 2d creative designer. Our artist develops the unique 2d and 3d content like character sheet, concept art, illustration, matte paintings, backgrounds, game props and game assets for game industry covering all platform like Unity, Unreal Engine, 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush etc.

    Movie Production

    GameYan is the best choice of production studio across the globe to outsource the 3D modelling assets pipeline for full feature animation movie, TV series, web series, tv commercials, cartoons series etc. GameYan can handle pre-production, production and post production of your project with theirs experience team.

    Game Development

    GameYan develops video games, mobile games, HTML – Flash games, Virtual Reality Games, PSVR games, Oculus games, cardboard games for clients and development partners from all over the globe. Being a game development and outsourcing company we do provide coding – programming for the respective game development engine like Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

    2D Art Outsourcing

    GameYan’s 2D Art Work covers concept art, illustration (of characters, creatures, environments, backgrounds, vistas, story elements), asset design, flash animation and website/forum design. 2D art outsourcing can be done in the style that clients require, to suit their brands, be the style realistic, fantasy, sci-fi, cartoon, abstract or stylized.

    3D Art Outsourcing

    GameYan provides 3D art work outsouring services only in game industry but in animation movie industry as well. We provide wide aspects of 3d digital assets (characters, weapons, creatures, conceptualized art, vehicles, 3d props in high and low poly with high resolution texturing, baking and normal maps.