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GameYan - 3D Character Animation & Game Development Studio

Modeling & Texturing

3D Male Character Modeling and Rigging,  London, UK

GameYan is your one stop solutions for high and low poly 3D character modeling, rigging and animation needs. We have experienced team of designers who has already proven to our clients with their excellent skills.

Rigging & Animation

VFX Special Effect, Bristol, United Kingdom

Once your character modeling and texturing work are finished, At
GameYan Studio can begin the processes of 3D Character rigging and 3D Character animation to bring your scenes to life.


3D Robot Character Modeling and Animation,Los Angeles, USA

GameYan Studio is specialize in providing high quality interactive 3D game and application development services for various platforms including iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook, Desktop and Console.


Motion Capture Animation, New York, USA

GameYan is the emerging 3D Animation Studio that create 3D characters for game development, animation movies and television. We have skilled team that can efficiently manage project timeline and production cost.